If you are failing your  G2 & G test again and again don't worry and call us before it is too late.


Special Discount on Private Lessons for G2 & G limited time offer


We  can arrange In Class of G1 licence  holders  for the Defensive driving Certificate programme through MTO approved driving school in Mississauga At:


All ages drivers tranining school  (2549 Hurontario St, Mississauga, ON L5A 2G4) At the intersection of Dundas St & Hurontario St


Where you can do 20 hours In Class and 10 hours in car lessons. After completing certificate programme  your waiting time for  G2 test will reduce from 12 mounths to 8 months only and also you will get discount on insurance 20% to 30%  Call us for further details


Drive in Canada Driving School prioritizes and focuses in developing proper road habits and skills for each student, to become a safe and responsible driver. We serve the city of Mississauga and all the towns close to the city. Your driver’s license means greater freedom and independence however it also means great responsibility. In today’s roads the challenges are increasing day by day, therefore you need the right school for those challenges!



During our in car lesson we emphasize the importance of observation, perception and the development of selective seeing habits and skills. The goal is to drive defensively!



At Driving in Canada, our training programs teach defensive driving skills. Our instructors are patient, caring and professional. They will work with you (private one-on-one) in the car to build, develop and maintain vital defensive driving skills and habits.



If you have never driven before or perhaps you lack confidence on the road or you failed the road test or wanting to prepare for the road test, Drive  in Canada Driving School will deliver quality services and meet all your needs!



We use the new model cars and offer FREE pick up and drop off anywhere in Mississauga!

Please view our course programs on the right hand column.

To understand what you will learn during your in-car (driving on the road behind-the-wheel) lessons, here is the list:


What’s under the hood?


Instruments and Controls:
Learn instruments and controls of the car, adjusting seat, mirrors side and rear-view, etc..


The Traffic Law: Gain confidence in reading and knowing Signs and line markings, who gets to go first, the right-of-way, what dictates your speed limit- road, traffic and weather condition, what to do when a emergency vehicle approaches.


Maneuvering your Car Safely: The Skills to be a Defensive Driver, hand-over-hand steering, Reversing properly, scanning the intersections, stopping, yielding, viewing the total traffic picture, Leaving a safe space cushion, The right way to turn right and left, the right way to cornering, Road positioning, safe speed, brake and accelerator pedal controls.


City Driving: The good habits of Signal-mirror-shoulder checking, Speed control, proper seeing habits, looking up to read the road ahead, the cautions when driving in residential areas, watching for pedestrians, playground and school zones, traffic light intersections, the safe and confident way to changing lanes, the proper way of entering and exiting traffic circle, one-way and two-way streets, confidence to drive in high volume traffic, smooth acceleration without riding on the brake.


Highway Driving: Use of safe follow-up distance, multi-lane driving in high speed, viewing the total traffic picture, looking up way ahead of the highway, road positioning, smooth and safe lane changing at high speed, confidence to blend in with traffic while merging, knowing the added-flow lane and the proper way to exiting the highway.


Parking: To gain the proper skills and confidence to park in parking lot stalls, angle and perpendicular parking, the right and safe way to park on hills, the confidence and smoothness to park along a curb and to have the confidence to do reverse parallel parking behind cars and in between two cars.


Night Driving and Driving in Adverse Conditions: You will experience driving at night and in hazardous conditions (if there’s one at that time of your driving lesson!), what speed to drive at, how big of a space to leave behind following vehicles, how’s visibility and adjust speed accordingly, how’s traction on the road and adjust speed accordingly.


Our driving lessons are tailored to each individual’s learning. As you progress, your instructor will move you up to the next skill level. We will not stress you with a lot of information or skills at one time. We will go by how you progress. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses, and therefore, your instructor will focus on bringing those weaknesses to be your strength. Our goal is to teach you to become a safe defensive driver!



Special Offer for new Immigrants Also refresher in car driving lessons.




Driving Instructors are experts who offer the following services.
G2 & G Refresher Driving lessons for new immigrants.
Driver tuition/Development.
Defensive Driving Techniques for nervous students.
Highway training.
Winter Driving
Local pick up & Drop off service from home to work etc.



Getting ready to Drive

Changing Directions


Driving along

Changing Positions


Driving Through




Free Way Driving





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G1 Practice test online just click http://www.apnatoronto.com/ontario-g1-test/